Residential Services

Residential Services

Estate Cleanout
Estate Cleanouts can be an emotional time for any family. The crew at Captain Junk is sensitive to the needs of the family and we will respectfully care for the items being removed from the estate. Keeping with the mission to provide an eco-conscious solution we will do everything we can to donate usable items and recycle as much of the remaining items as possible. 

Foreclosure Cleanout
Foreclosures present hardships for all parties involved. Captain Junk is a great partner solution for banking and real estate professionals when it comes to cleaning out foreclosed or distressed properties

Attic Cleanout
Attics are an area where we collect all the items, we don’t know what to do with. Often attics hold years of unused and unwanted items making it difficult to store seasonal items and other items you use occasionally. Captain Junk can come in and remove the clutter and unwanted items to make room for heirlooms.

Basement Cleanout
Basements are bursting with clutter. Imagine what you could do with this space? Reclaim your basement, call Captain Junk to remove the clutter in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.

Garage Cleanout
When the car no longer fits in the garage, it’s time to call Captain Junk. Our crew are removal experts. We can remove all of the unwanted items making space for the car again.

Appliance Removal
Appliance removal is a big task, oftentimes your local waste management company will not take appliances at the curb. Captain Junk will come in disconnect and remove your appliance making room for your new appliance and take the back-breaking work out of your hands.

Mattress Disposal
Old mattresses can be a challenge to get rid of, not many places take them. Plus, they are cumbersome to move on your own. Captain Junk will remove and dispose of your mattress responsibly.